Yusuf Ali

Mr. Yusuf Ali is an International Business Executive with 35+ years of experience in government contracting. He has active projects in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, South Asia, Africa and others. He is positioned to assist participants in accessing government contracts to build their businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

There are three ways to gain Access To The Process. Group Training, Personal Coaching and bringing Mr. Ali in as a Speaker. Learn more about each below. Choose how to learn up-close and personal how to make your first million from this renown, in high demand speaker and entrepreneur.

Clients Served

What We Do


TRAIN new and experienced entrepreneurs in
successful government contracting


WRITE or REVISE municipalities procurment policies and procedures
to meet federal compliance


IMPLEMENT approved DBEs, WOBE and VOBE federal inclusion programs


TEACH Federal Acquisitions Regulations, HUBZONES, set-aside programs, and small business assistance programs


Access To The Process specializes in training individuals, private companies, and government agencies in the application of and compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations.
When it comes to your success, attitude is everything. In this course we will discuss your approach to the process and help you develop the attitude that will make you successful in seeking opportunities with government contracting.
its important that you understand the history of the process. We will discuss access shaping moments in our history including, The Freedmen Bureau of 1868, Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and The Abandoned Lands Act of March 3,1865
Its imperative that we understand the political landscape in your city, county, state and federal governments. They are holding the purse strings. In this course, we will discuss topics like the demographics in local municipalities, know the key players (Politicians, Positions and Politics) and citizen oversight.
There are specific programs in place that are there to make the process easier. In this course we will discuss The History of the FHWA MBE/WBE programs. Small Business & Small Disadvantaged business concerns and other Socio-Economic programs.
In this course we will focus on The Small Business Act, where to find the regulations and the definitions of key terms, phrase and words.
Its time to talk contracting. In this course we will help you understand the vision, goals and objectives of the Federal Acquisition Process. We'll also help you understand the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) System and we'll discuss the roles and responsibilities of the the major players in the acquisition process.
Acquisition Planning is key. We need to determine the need of your services. In this course, we will discuss competition requirements, source selection planning and knowing who The Contracting Officer is in the process.
Were now at the point of the process where were ready to implement our strategies and go after contracts. We will review the process for registering for opportunities, as well as soliciting and engaging with decision makers.
Access To The Process (October 5, 2019)
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
221 Spalding Drive, Georgia, GA 30223, USA
Learn how to access the $Billions of dollars worth of contracts and procurement's issued everyday by your federal, states and local government.